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Worship :: Life Cycle Events

Naming a Child
As part of a growing urban congregation, we welcome many babies into Jewish life every year. If you are expecting a baby, please contact Rabbi Zedek to start planning for your new arrival.  Staff can help you locate a mohel, select meaningful Hebrew names, and find ways to honor your child.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah   
Congregational Cantor Shelly Drucker Friedman, assisted by Rabbi Michael Zedek, guides our bar and bat mitzvah students through the challenges of their torah portions and on the responsibilties of becoming an adult in the Jewish community. All students are encouraged to undertake a tzedakah project during the year of their bar/bat mitzvahs, and reflect on the responsibilities towards the community that they are about to join as adults.

Anshe Mitzvah   
It’s really never too late.  If you are interested in becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah as an adult, please contact Congregational Cantor Shelly Friedman: CantorFriedman@emanuelcong.org

Confirmation Class
Emanuel does not believe that Jewish education stops at bar or bat mitzvah and the confirmands have continued their religious studies for three additional years. Each year on erev Shavuot, our 10 grade class is confirmed and we welcome them into the adult community as they share what Judaism means to them. This class is a special opportunity to study with our rabbis.

Weddings and Commitments   
If you are planning a wedding, you might want guidance and assistance from our staff.  The Rabbis and staff at Emanuel will help you understand Jewish wedding traditions and help you find meaning for your ceremony.

Jews by Choice and Conversion 
Emanuel congregation welcomes Jews by Choice and has worked with many through their conversion process.  We host an annual Introduction to Judaism course sponsored by the Union of Reform Judaism.  Please contact Rabbi Zedek for a conversation about Judaism.

The Caring Committee wants to make sure that any Emanuel member who might need assistance during an illness receives it.  Please contact the office to let us know how we can help.

Death and Grieving   
Please contact the Emanuel staff immediately if there is a death in your family.  We can answer your questions, help with arrangements and offer other assistance.