Emanuel Congregation

5959 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60660
773/561-5173 info@emanuelcong.org

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Who We Are :: Our Leadership

The Board of Trustees of Emanuel Congregation leads the Congregation. At the Annual Meeting in May, 2013, the following Officers and Trustees were elected:


President                                           Steve Baron
Vice President                                  Stephen Melamed
Vice President                                  Scott Borstein
Vice President                                  Susan Bertocchi
Treasurer/Vice President               Luc Dodinval
Financial Secretary                          Ted Raichel
Recording Secretary                       Jill Gardner
Immediate Past President             Jonathan Ledsky

Board of Trustees

Senator Art Berman
Todd Chalem
Susie Kanter
Jon Necheles
Maria Segal
Daniel Smolensky

Past President Trustees
Theodore Berland
Marlene Dodinval
Devorah Heyman
Rickie Jacobs
Floyd Manilow

Automatic Board seats are also filled by:

President of the Women of Reform Judaism    Carolyn Heyman
President of the Emanuel Brotherhood              Barry Glaser