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A High Holy Day Message from Rabbi Marantz and Cantor Friedman

At the moment we stand before our creator in judgment it is as if there is no one else in the world except for us. We alone are responsible for all that we did or did not do. - (Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe, 1914-2005) One of the reasons the High Holidays are literally so awesome is how powerful the personal responsibility for teshuva--to summon the humility, courage, and persistence to mend what is broken between us and God, to heal what is fractured between us and the people we love, to repair ourselves and the world around us. This is difficult, exhausting, even scary work that no one can do for us. We must do our part on our own. That said, even when we’ve taken up our individual responsibi

A Few Words from Rabbi Craig Marantz

On Labor Day, a very sunny last Monday, we hosted 250 teens and tweens from all over Chicagoland for something way fun called NFTYpalooza. NFTY, also known as the North American Federation of Temple Youth, has a local chapter called NFTY-Chicago Area, and it holds this amazing end-of-summer bash. We were proud to host NFTYpalooza this year, and we hope to do so again. I want you to know that this experience might have quite possibly been my happiest moment as the rabbi at Emanuel. First of all, I felt overjoyed that 15 or so youth from Emanuel were present, having loads of fun. We even received a Minyan Award for participation over ten. And, then to have 250 young people, together with our l

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