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My recent meditations on gratitude/hakarat hatov reminded me of a truism my favorite Latin professor was especially fond of intoning: translation is a journey, and if you aren’t careful, meaning can get lost along the way. This is especially true when the path from origin to destination is as long and winding as that from Biblical Hebrew to Modern English. So when Rabbi Craig mentioned the virtue, or middah, of anavah in one of his sermons recently, I wondered if there was any meaning to be recovered by retracing the steps he took to get arrive at the English words “humbleness” and “humility”. Sure enough, I was not disappointed. The root of anavah, ayin-nun-hay has multiple meanings. One f

A Few Words From Jessica Katz

Chag Chanukah Sameach! I'd like to personally thank everyone who attended, volunteered for, and participated in last night's wonderful Chanukah dinner. We're so glad you celebrated with Emanuel! Over 170 guests enjoyed latkes crafted by our Miraculous Latke Team with potatoes and onions donated by Peter Karas of EZ Spuds. Mr. Karas' moving story of receiving a free childhood education sponsored by friends/neighbors who were Holocaust survivors never fails to inspire me. His lifelong dedication towards supporting the Jewish community has come to fruition in a myriad of ways- including serving as our perpetual potato man. Thank you, Mr. Karas! One of my favorite things about observing Chanukah

Shedding Light On the Dangers of Unkindness

The following will be published in Chicago Jewish News on Friday, December 13, 2019: Our human spirit battles numerous enemies within, enemies which render us capable of great harm. Racism. Xenophobia. Misogyny. Homicide. Genocide. Inherent in these evils is not just an explosive kind of hatred but a more primitive kernel of unkindness, one that explodes into a radical and oft-lethal existence. Our parashat ha-shavua sheds light on the dangerous and powerful potential of this essential unkindness. Parashat Vayishlach is a challenging portion because we witness in Jacob’s struggles our very own trials in life and how we grapple with them. Here, Jacob wrestles with the angel of God. A painful

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