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Shavuot, Our Summer Harvest Festival

Shalom Chevrei: We are in the home stretch with Shavuot, our summer harvest festival, just around the corner. And to ready ourselves for Kabbalat Matan Torah, for receiving the gift of Torah, we invite you to enjoy a number of inspiring experiences this week. Sefirat Ha-Omer: Please go to Emanuel’s YouTube page and take a look at the videos for our Sefirat Ha-Omer Project. Currently, we have 18 videos of 18 Jewish middot (virtues) that can help us reflect on what it takes to be ready for our upcoming moment at Sinai, an experience which calls us to impress the wisdom of Torah and the abundance of God’s love in our hearts. Yizkor: At 10:30 am on Friday, May 29th, we will hold our Shavuot Yizk

D’var Torah Parashat Behar-Bechukotai, 22 Iyyar 5780

Shalom Chevrei: If you didn’t have a chance to hear my d’var Torah Friday night, I thought I’d include it here. Besides the shmitah, or sabbatical year, it’s about preparing for Shavuot and the power of adaptive leadership in these COVID-laden times. I have taken the liberty to improve the drash since Shabbat. D’var Torah Parashat Behar-Bechukotai, 22 Iyyar 5780: Shabbat shalom! Behar-Bechukotai is just such a fitting double portion, especially as we prepare for our Sinai moment come Shavuot. Here, just a couple of weeks away from the summer harvest festival, Torah reminds us what it’s like to stand at the mountain, considering what will make us most virtuous and ready to receive Torah and l

Introducing Margo Strifert

Shalom Chevrei: I hope you are well. Speaking of wellness, I am delighted to introduce to you Ms. Margo Strifert. Margo will serve essentially as an administrative assistant in support of our CHESED team. CHESED captain Joy Getzenberg and I are delighted and thankful to have Margo who will help keep organized and effective our caring activities. We are grateful for a generous grant received to hire Margo for this important leadership role. We find Margo thoughtful, kind, and motivated, and we wish her a warm welcome and great success. Margo has a few words for you now… Dear Emanuel Congregation, I am beyond thrilled to be joining such a beautiful congregation. It is a hard and scary time for

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