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Thoughts on Rabbi Rick Jacob's State of the Union

I still remain hard at work on a special powerpoint presentation of my experience at Biennial, so in the meantime I’d like you to read/and or watch Rabbi Rick Jacobs “State of the Union” address. In it, he takes on the question as to whether we will do the things necessary to keep our Reform movement moving and our Jewish life lively in these troubling, chaotic times. He enumerates a number of activities that have lent vitality to our movement, including the expanding practice of audacious hospitality. Rabbi Jacobs also calls us to a place a vision and courage-to reinvent core functions of synagogue life, make Reform Judaism more meaningful in everyday life, to respond more effectively to young students, young professionals, young couples, and young families. I am happy that our efforts at Emanuel Congregation are aligned with this mission.

In addition, Rabbi Jacobs charges us to aspire as communities that speak and listen with respect, welcoming a diversity of views, and that aren’t afraid to take moral stands on matters like sexual misconduct, gun violence and anti-Semitism. And, he gave insight to the complexities of Reform Judaism and Israel.

All in all, a very rich learning experience indeed. If you’d like to read or hear more, please go the following link. After the new year, I’ll invite you for viewing parties, in which we watch and discuss these Biennial videos. It should be very inspiring and help us shape direction.

Hope you had a nice Shabbat, and I hope you enjoy the end-of- the-year.

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