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Event photos

7th grade families connect, Dec 2016
Bar Mitzvah, Fall 2016
Youth Group Havdalah at Emanuel overlooking Lake Michigan, June 2016
Emanuel's Memorial Day retreat
Rabbi Zedek's career celebration
Emanuel's Lederer Hall at Rabbi Zedek Gala
Sisterhood Feb 2016



Havdalah March 2016



Rabbi Marantz Announcement



Community Gathering Nov 2015

Rabbi Zedek and Alderman Osterman moderated a community discussion surrounding the shooting of Chicago teenager.


Simchat Torah 2015



Women's retreat Jan 2016



Sisterhood 2015



Memorial Day Retreat- Being a Jewish Superhero - May 2015

Three days of singing and community building at OSRUI in Occonomowoc, WI. 


Purim March 2016
Share Shabbat Feb 2016



Chanuka Dinner Dec 2015

Can you find pictures featuring "8"?


B'Nai Mitzvah October 2015



Rabbi Schaalman & Lotte Schaalman celebrate their 100th & 99th birthdays, May 2015

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