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Emanuel Eeshas

Emanuel Eeshas is an inclusive group of women* supporting the Emanuel Congregation community, as well as our own personal growth, through our shared Jewish values. As our group evolves, we look forward to more opportunities to get to know one another and grow this supportive community of women within our beloved congregation.


*Woman - At Emanuel, any womXn is welcome. This includes non-binary individuals and anyone who feels this our group speaks to them and their life.

Connect with the Eeshas:

Coming Up Next:

Spend a weekend immersed in the joy and relaxation of Shabbat. We will study, play, sing and simply enjoy the company of new and old friends in the peaceful surroundings of camp.

This is a GREAT event for new members of Emanuel!


This year's retreat theme will be:


Jewish we have to obey?"

The annual Women’s Retreat is held in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin at our summer camp, Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (OSRUI), about 2.5 hours from Chicago.


The program begins

at 6:30 pm Friday,

and ends at 12:30 pm Sunday

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