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Funeral Planning

Emanuel has partnered with Chicago Jewish Funerals.

Chicago Jewish Funerals & Emanuel Congregation work with families during their most vulnerable times. Whether you need pre-planning assistance or an immediate need, we are here to help you.

A Jewish Funeral

Traditions and customs may vary among the branches of Judaism. Families may have a wide variety of observances.

Many decisions can be made with the counsel of clergy, family members and your funeral director. Above all else, respect is shown to the deceased and the mourners.

Funeral arrangements include:

  • Service location

  • Time and Date of service

  • Select a casket and outer burial container

  • Cemetery for burial

  • Clergy to officiate

  • Special service additions: i.e., music, photo montage, live musicians

  • Information for death notice and obituary

  • Determining Shiva home

  • Selecting pallbearers

  • Informing family and friends

  • Selecting speakers for the service

Pre-Planning a Funeral

Funerals are the one life event we know will occur, yet we are reluctant to plan for them.

When the time does come to plan for a funeral, families can be in a vulnerable state of mind – emotionally stressed, grief stricken, compromised. Many decisions need to be made in a very short period of time. And while the funeral directors at Chicago Jewish Funerals offer extraordinary experience and support to help guide our families, we know it can be easier on everyone if a funeral has been pre-arranged.

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