Change Is Inevitable

I recently discovered this little cartoon (artist unknown), and it gave me one of those, “oh yeah, I almost forgot that” moments. Change is inevitable. Change is also a subject that has come up a lot over the course of the past 19 months, and how to deal with unwanted change. Luckily, some types of change are forces for good; they spur growth, open doors, create room for a new perspective. For some time now, I have been seeking change in my professional life out of a desire to grow and prosper, and as a result I have accepted a position with Studio North as Social Media Coordinator. My last day as a full-time employee of Emanuel Congregation will be Monday, October 25.

During the course of my five and a half years at Emanuel, I have met many wonderful people and had opportunities to grow as a person and as a professional. As many of you already know, I started out as a part time receptionist, seeking a little bit of steady income while I continued to pursue my theatre career. Over the years, and through personal growth, reflection, and a heartbreaking decision to leave the professional theatre career path, I started the journey of finding what was next for me. The work I engaged in at Emanuel gave me the space and time to try different tasks and strengthen various skills under the broad umbrella that is marketing. I found I enjoyed the work and decided to seek a job that would allow me to work full time as a marketing professional, as well as provide me with opportunities for continued growth, continued change. That opportunity has finally come.

It’s not easy to say goodbye to Emanuel. There is so much to accomplish, and the opportunity to be a part of Emanuel’s evolution into what it will become is one thing that kept me showing up every day. But with my departure, I am creating space for a new perspective on how the administrative work at Emanuel can be structured and financially supported with a limited budget. I hope the change brings prosperity; that my bittersweet departure brings more sweet than bitter.

To those who I have worked closely with over the years, I can’t thank you enough for your leadership, support, and friendship. Emanuel Congregation is enriched by your service and your commitment to caring. You create a warm, welcoming place for all who enter these doors. I hope to walk through them again in the future as a community member wanting to be part of Emanuel’s force for good change.