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Didn’t I see you at Sinai?

It is said that every Jewish soul stood at Sinai, born and not yet born, to witness the giving of the Torah. Imagine our consternation: a shaking mountain, thunder, lightning and the sound of the shofar blasting high above the din.

What remains of that sacred encounter is TORAH, which is as resonant today as it was 3200 (give or take) years ago. But equally astounding, is that WE remain - a people driven by the principal belief in God’s oneness and our own divine spark.

Judaism, however, is not simply about standing up, it is about acting up. We must manifest our connection with sacred text by committing ourselves to performing acts of kindness and justice. We must, in the words of Abraham Joshua Heschel “pray with our feet.”

Therefore, it is extremely meaningful then when we bear witness to the continuation of this sacred chain, when a member of the younger generation stands up and says “heinini” (here I am.)

On Sunday, May 16 at 10am, our confirmands will take their place in the Jewish story as they celebrate how matan Torah (the gift of Torah) has not just shaped their lives and ideals, but how they have and will continue to make Torah a verb.

Please join us at Chag Sameach!


Michelle Drucker Friedman

Congregational Cantor

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