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Highlights from our 2023 Chicago Jewish Book Fest

Thank You to our Sponsors

Our inagurual Chicago Jewish Book Fest event was an outstanding success, and it is with great pleasure that we extend our warmest congratulations to two exceptional individuals who played a pivotal role in making this event an unforgettable experience, Amy Guth and Leah Jones.


The Chicago Jewish Book Fest (a collaboration of 5959 Chicago and Emanuel Congregation) boasted an impressive lineup of acclaimed authors and engaging panel discussions that enthralled attendees and left them with a renewed love for the written word. Their ability to connect with authors, industry experts, and participants alike was commendable, and it's no surprise that the feedback we received has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees praised the diverse range of topics covered, the insightful discussions, and the opportunity to engage with their favorite writers up close and personal.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Leah and Amy for their exceptional leadership and hard work, which undoubtedly contributed to the resounding success of the event.


We also want to thank our dedicated team who tirelessly contributed to the Book Fest's success. As we celebrate the achievements of Leah and Amy, we are reminded of the power of literature to unite and inspire. We look forward to building on this success and continuing to create exceptional literary experiences for our community in the future.

Catch the virtual interview with book author and Emanuel Congregation's Rabbi Emeritus, Michael Zedek. Rabbi Zedek is the founder and co-host of a weekly radio show "Religion on the line".


Leah Jones talks with Rabbi Zedek about his new book coming out Taking Miracles Seriously; A Journey To Everyday Spirituality

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