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Emanuel Youth Group & NFTY

ECRS Youth Group

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Youth Group Leaders

NFTY is a movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olam, personal growth, youth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism. NFTY’s Chicago Area Region (NFTY-CAR) comprises the city of Chicago, the surrounding urban and suburban areas, and northwestern Indiana.


Emanuel Senior Temple Youth (ESTY), the high school aged youth group at Emanuel Congregation, is grounded in the values of our national youth organization, NFTY. Together, our students learn, play, and give back to their community. Among events held annually are barbecues, movie nights, and days out in downtown Chicago. Additionally, the youth group plans and executes the Purim Carnival each year.


Members of ESTY are very active in NFTY, sending large delegations to events multiple times a year. 


Many high school students also choose to take classes and work in our religious school on Sunday mornings, though neither is a requirement for youth group participation. 

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