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Men of Emanuel (MOE)

The Emanuel Brotherhood

The Men of Emanuel is an auxiliary organization of Emanuel Congregation. We exist specifically to serve the needs of the men of Emanuel and enable them to find ways to channel their special talents or experiences to help the entire congregation and each other.
We have events and perform services. We donate our time, talents, and resources to help Emanuel be a better place for all. The Brotherhood provides a forum for men alone and men with their partners to voice their concerns, opinions, and questions regarding issues that affect Emanuel, the Jewish community, and society at large.

MOE provides OSRUI camperships to Emanuel children. We also have contributed to Emanuel fundraising efforts. We present gifts to the Bnai Mitzvot and Confirmands during their simchot. 


MOE's programming varies between fun activities and events of a more serious nature. Our activities include sponsoring the Emanuel Picnic. We run the Emanuel Second Night Seder. We also had a series of round table discussions that opened challenging topics to examination and debate. Examples of other past events include line dancing, karaoke, and attending Cubs games. We have, along with the WRJ, presented a couple great nights of Emanuel Stories.


In short, we have had a wonderful and meaningful history and are very proud of everything we have done and plan to do in the future.


For questions or information, please email

Men of Emanuel Officers and Board Members:



Dave Fleischman and Barry Glaser

Corresponding Secretary

Scott Yanes



Dan Sniderman
Phil Medwed
Sam Sagi

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