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From Slavery to Freedom: A Weekend of Learning about Addiction & Recovery in the Jewish Communit

Shalom Chevrei:

You may or may not know that we are part of a consortium of local synagogues dedicated to shared Jewish engagement. Those communities include Anshe Sholom, Anshe Emet, Temple Sholom, and us. And, every year our collaboration hosts a weekend in which we apply our values and faith perspectives to better understanding and destigmatizing major mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues of the day. This year our special program is “From Slavery to Freedom: A Weekend of Learning about Addiction & Recovery in the Jewish Community". Please view the attached flyer HERE. You’ll see that there are meaningful opportunities beyond the weekend and programs for tweens, teens, and adults of all ages.

I want to highlight two of the experiences we are hosting:

On Saturday evening, March 2nd at 7:30 pm, we host a program called “Bringing Together the Separate Selves.” Ruth Seidner and I will lead havdalah, and then we’ll welcome our guest scholars Rabbi Borovitz, Senior Rabbi of Beit T’shuvah and Harriet Rossetto, Founder and Clinical Director of Beit T'shuvah. To learn more about the groundbreaking work Rabbi Borovitz, Ms. Rossetto, and the Beit T’shuvah team are doing visit their website at

The following morning, Sunday, March 3 at 9:15 am, we host a program called: “Let’s Talk about Tweens, Teens, Drugs, & Parenting.” Leading this important workshop is parent educator Tracey Kite from Jewish Children & Family Services.

Please RSVP for either program by emailing me, Of course, you can just show up, as well. We just want to know how many are coming for hospitality’s sake.

We look forward to welcoming you and doing our part to embrace the realities of addiction & recovery in the Jewish community of which we are a part and to do whatever we can to be an inclusive, caring, and more aware congregation.

Make it a day of blessing and be a force for good!

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