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A Moment of Grace

Last week we marked Holocaust Remembrance Day and, as I write these few lines, we are on the threshold of Israel Independence Day. In that interim and with no pretense that such is a matter of greatest consequence, rather only a a small footnote that happens to involve me, may be found one modest spark of hope and healing. You may be aware that this is the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, the official document conveying the teachings of the Catholic Church about Jews and Judaism. The document was one of the milestone achievements to come out of Vatican II.

With that background, I am among several Rabbis to receive an invitation to participate in a conference to meet with a number of Cardinals will represent the whole Church. The conference will take place in Israel from May 4-7. I am honored and grateful for the invitation to be part of this gathering, one I hope will assist in the continuing effort to build bridges of understanding among all peoples, and I look forward to the opportunity of reporting details of that gathering to you.

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