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Welcoming Sacred Seeds

Emanuel Congregation hosted Sacred Seeds this past Sunday. Pictured L to R: Rabbi Craig Marantz, Pastor Fred Kinsey, Father Dominick Grassi, and Rafiq Remtula.

On Sunday afternoon, April 30, we felt so honored to host Sacred Seeds, a text-based program related to values important to Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Co-hosted by the Edgewater Community Religious Association (ECRA), we welcomed dozens of people to learn more about the prophetic traditions of our respective faiths, and how the lessons therein inspire our pursuit of justice today. I am thankful to many: my fellow ECRA clergy who joined me on the

bimah as teachers; Pam Maness and all the other fabulous volunteers of our

Tikkun Olam team who provided warm welcome and hospitality; to the eight organizations, including Debra Miller of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus, who participated in our Justice Fair; and to all the other souls who contributed to this transformative moment, in which we also paid respect to Rabbi Schaalman, z"l, so instrumental in the creation of ECRA. As many of you may remember, Friday, April 28th would have been Rabbi's 101st birthday. May his memory be a blessing.

For my column this week, I have included my teaching from Sacred Seeds (with a few edits for publication). I am always happy to discuss. Click HERE to read the teaching.

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