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A Few Words from Rabbi Craig Marantz

Shalom Chevrei, (Friends)

As we approach June, we can be so thankful for a vibrant year of engagement here at Emanuel.

I am so pleased that we could host Richard Damashek this past Sunday for an inspiring conversation about his book The Gang of Five. This important volume captures the history of five important German rabbis who help transform American Reform Jewry. Of course, Rabbi Schaalman was one of those ground-breaking rabbis. What an honor to have Richard come home and tell his bountiful stories about Herman and his colleagues. May their memories all be for a blessing. Many thanks, not only to Richard Damashek, but to Richard Reeder and the Speakers Series team, as well, for lifting our adult learning enterprise so beautifully.

I am also inspired by the ongoing ritual uplift around here. We enjoyed a very sweet reprise of our Consecration service, to honor our first-year students who couldn’t quite make it in December. Next week, during Share Shabbat, we will offer a tefilat ha- derekh, a traveler’s prayer for both those journeying to Israel on May 21st and to our Director of Operations, Jessica Katz, who is going to chase tornadoes - of all things! Let all our wayfarers be safe, sound, and inspired by their sojourns. Besides the wonderful b’nei Mitzvah happening this month and next, we honor our m’kableem, our confirmands, Adam Gadiel and Cara Marantz and their families on May 18th. Then last, but not least, we will celebrate Shavuot; first with the communal tikkun leil Shavuot (an all-night learning experience) Saturday night, May 19th, at Anshe Emet starting at 8:15 pm, and then Sunday morning, May 20th, as part of Mitzvah Day, we will hold a short service at 9:30 am with Yizkor to follow.

We are a little engine that can and does try to engage you in the most meaningful of ways. We look forward to welcoming you!

Make it a day of blessing and be a force for good!

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