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Moral Clarity in Turbulent Times

Shalom Chevrei:

Just a quick note this week to say hello and let you know what I am doing today and tomorrow.

I am on my way to a special rabbinic meeting in Rosemont, IL. Our gathering, entitled “Moral Clarity in Turbulent Times,” calls together 100 Reform rabbis from all over North America to discuss how we and our congregations can act with greater moral clarity at local, state/provincial, and federal levels.

Divisive rhetoric and policies continue to undermine our most important principles, and now more than ever you and I are called to speak with moral clarity and strive for justice. According to our organizers from the Religious Action Center, our gathering will “amplify the Reform Movement’s rabbinic social justice voice to shape national conversation and culture; to inspire, engage and activate more Reform Jews in the pursuit of just policies; and to inform and influence public officials.”

The hope is that our work over this 24-hour period will help us hone our advocacy skills, share successful strategies, and support one another in the work ahead--in transforming a culture of hate to a culture in which “love, equality and justice prevail.” And using our own congregational language, I hope to discover some inspiring new way(s) in which we as a community can collaborate as a greater force for good.

I’ll keep you posted. #moralclarity

Make it a day of blessing and be a force for good!

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