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Wishing you a meaningful and healthy Pesach

Shalom Chevrei:

Just a short note as Passover arrives.

I know that some of us have seder plans and other newfangled ways we are celebrating Pesach. I also know some of us will be alone - stuck because of Covid-19 and perhaps uncertain what else to do.

Keep an eye on our programming schedule for ways you can join us as a community in our virtual village. And, remember Cantor Friedman and I are just a phone call away. Cantor can be reached at 312-933-8845. And, I can be reached at 860-966-5669. Don’t hesitate to call either one of us.

If you’re feeling despondent or even suicidal, call the C4 Crisis Line at 773-769-0205 and ask to speak to a crisis worker.

A zissen Pesach! Stay well! Be safe.

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