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A Few Words from Rabbi Michael Zedek

Dear Friends,

I am writing these few lines immediately after a Zoom call with a number of rabbinic colleagues in the greater Chicago area. The reason for our "gathering" was to reflect on possible challenges and themes for the upcoming High Holy Days, which remarkably will soon be upon us.

At least for me the event had elements of both sadness and gratitude. The sadness was in reflecting on Rabbi Marantz's decision, based on the needs of family, to leave Chicago in order to return east. I am certainly not alone in extending to him and his family best wishes for continued well-being in body and spirit and that the move will provide them the connections and support they desire and deserve.

But I also mentioned gratitude, namely for what Rabbi Marantz and his family brought to the Emanuel community, our family. And I would add another, if awkward, note of appreciation as well.

Specifically in the wake of our Rabbi’s departure, the lay leadership has invited me to partner with Cantor Friedman to conduct our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. I happen to be available, and with both the anxiety all too familiar to clergy at those gatherings so fraught with meaning, along with a desire to "return to the saddle" once more, I look forward to greeting and sharing and praying together with you again.

Until those moments, be they on the internet or in person, God bless and Godspeed.

Very sincerely,

Michael Zedek

Rabbi Emeritus

P.S. I am not unaware that these comments were composed in the shadow of the recent cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, along with an outbreak of anti-Semitic venom in Europe and on our own shores. But that is a topic for another day, maybe even a sacred and holy day.


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