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As Pesach Approaches...

Dear Friends,

Purim in the metaphorical rearview mirror means that Pesach will soon be here.

And I would not be surprised in the slightest if you, like me, missed the physical proximity of family and/or friends gathering – not virtually – for the holiday last year. I admit that the commemoration meant a Zoom experience for us that connected family members from Pittsburgh to Portland, from Kansas City to Los Angeles. It unquestionably was different, yet it was also a meaningful connection of heart. For rather than focusing on what wasn't possible, we celebrated an electronic connection and, more importantly, a connection of heart. One small delight-searching for the Afikomen-was a highlight as I gave clues while Karen carried the family, via computer, to explore any possible hiding places.

As to a reflection, I am grateful that our liberal Judaism insists that modernity and tradition not be separate realms. I mean, as you may know, that Orthodox interpretation would not condone any virtual Seder, at least not one that was Passover compliant. As for this year, we are still cautious, which means a repeat use of the Internet, but we are hopeful that next year will mean not only in Jerusalem (the traditional conclusion) but also in person. May that indeed be true and even sooner than next year for you, for all, for all of us.

Very sincerely,

Rabbi Michael Zedek


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