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Prayer for the Election Year of a President

Dear Chevrei:

I thank poet Anna Misleh for her empowering and comforting words, which I share below. I took the liberty to add some in the brackets.

Tikkun Olam, healing the world, starts right here with each of us doing our part. Voting is one way those of us of age can do our part for Tikkun Olam. And for those of us not quite old enough, you can still choose: to live a life of kindness, to do the right thing, to go forward in peace, to be a force for good. May we all strive to do so.

Vote! If you have already, thanks!

Make it a day of blessing and stay in the fight.

Zei gezunt:

Rabbi Craig Marantz

Prayer for the Election Year of a President by Anna Misleh

God of mercy [and justice], our nation is in a time of great transition.

With all of the injustice and fear in our world today, we ask you to inspire us and guide us as we participate in the upcoming presidential elections.

We seek a government that upholds and protects human rights and justice for all its citizens,

regardless of race, class, gender, [sexual identity, ability, political party] or religion. [And leadership that puts our health and wholeness first.]

Move and inspire us by your presence among us in the most vulnerable in our society.

For their tears are your tears, their pain is your pain, their suffering is your suffering.

In gratitude for the right to vote, we pray.


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