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Upcoming Programming

In honor of my Investiture in November, the Emanuel family made abundant contributions to foster congregational life and engagement. I am happy to say we have a wonderful series of inspiring programming coming up, all of which the Rabbi's Investiture Fund will kindly support.

* On Saturday morning, April 1st at our 11 am service, we will host storyteller and LGBTQ-advocate Evie Litwok, who will present her program "Witness to Mass Incarceration." Evie will tell of her experiences in prison, a story told with vulnerability, authenticity and humor.

* Safer Synagogue Series. On Friday, March 31 at Temple Sholom join teens from Emanuel Congregation, Temple Sholom, Anshe Emet, and Anshe Sholom as Response Center presents: In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence. Click HERE to RSVP. On Sunday, April 2nd, Emanuel will host Dr. Shira Berkovits. The presentation begins at 10:15 am in the Sanctuary. Domestic abuse happens in the Jewish community, and Dr. Berkovits will lead us and our friends at Chicago Jewish Day School in a conversation: "The 10 Things Parents Should Know about Protecting Our Children from Abuse." To learn more, go to

* On Tuesday, April 4th at 8pm, we will host Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger and Mr. Antwan Saca of Shorashim/Roots/Judhur, a powerful organization practicing dialogue and seeking peace in the West Bank. I've witnessed Shorashim both here in Chicago and just last week in Atlanta at the Central Conference of American Rabbis convention. I will tell you as a witness myself, the stories these men tell are powerful and real and reflect the transformative work they are doing within their own communities, which lie at the heart of the conflict. With honesty, sincere introspection and amazing storytelling, these mentschen are shifting hatred and suspicion towards trust, compassion and mutual respect. And as such, they serve as excellent role models for their neighbors and political leaders alike. To date, in just 2 ½ years, Shorashim has touched some 18,000 people.

Please come. We look forward to welcoming you to these can't-miss opportunities to learn and grow. And, please accept my deepest appreciation for the generosity you have invested in the excellent practice of our mission, which calls on us, through efforts like talmud Torah (lifelong learning), to learn and apply Jewish values, like tzedek (justice) and rachmanut(compassion), and chesed (kindness and grace) to our everyday lives and our pursuit as a collective force for good.

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