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Volunteer Spotlight: Judy Glaser

Name: Judy Glaser Volunteer area: Blood drive coordinator

Why did you decide to volunteer at Emanuel? Originally, I started running the blood drives when my mom was dealing with heart issues over 15 years ago. It made me realize how frequently blood is needed. I used to donate a lot in college.

What do you like most about your volunteer work? I love volunteering. It gives me a chance to meet a different “circle” of folks.

Outside of Emanuel, what are other things you enjoy doing (hobbies, work, activities, other volunteering)? I'm a horticulturist so I enjoy anything plant related. I'm aggressive about recycling and sharing with others ways to save the planet. Last year I completed my C3 (Chicago conservation corps) training at the Peggy Notebaert nature museum. Ask me about it!

What is your life motto? My glass is always half full.

What’s your favorite Jewish holiday and why? I don't have one favorite. Tu B’shvat for the trees. For Passover and Rosh Hashanah we make gefilte fish. Yom Kippur because it feels good to make a fresh start each year. Chanukah for the candles and fried foods and playing dreidel. I used to go to our kid’s elementary school, Oscar Mayer, and bring dreidels and latkes to teach Chanukah.

What do you love most about Emanuel Congregation? I love the diverse and warm community at Emanuel. The staff is always helpful and the congregants are an amazing group.

If people want to join your volunteer group, what should they do? Let the office know and we will connect! OR, If you'd like to donate blood at the upcoming drive on October 21st, send me an email to make an appointment or go online to, click Donate, and search by group code J221.

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