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Keep the Light Shining at Emanuel

Shalom Chevrei:

As we approach Chanukah, our Jewish festival of light and freedom, I give thanks for our Emanuel family and our congregation, which remains a beacon amidst the shadows of pandemic.

One thing that shines brightest for me are the volunteers that support our success, which has lasted now for nearly 141 years. For us to sustain the light of our community, our volunteers reflect for me the necessity that each one of us must have a job - a specific commitment that drives our mission forward and ensures our lasting success.

Our recent High Holiday Task Force proved how transformative volunteer engagement can be. I’m most grateful. New task forces regarding prayer & spirituality and B’nei Mitzvah celebration are taking flight. And, we’re looking for new leadership of our CHESED and Tikkun Olam teams. In addition, we have other areas of participation that summon active effort: Engagement, Inclusion, Strategic Planning, and Administration.

As we commemorate the sacred work of the Maccabees, whose noble efforts led to the rededication of the Temple, let us renew our own commitment to do whatever it takes to keep the light shining at Emanuel.

Let’s talk about how we can put you to good work. Emanuel needs you. I need you. Email me at or call me at 860-966-5669. I look forward to connecting with you.

Betsy, Cara, and Jared join me in wishing you and yours a warm and bright Chanukah.

Make it a day of blessing, be a force for good, and please lean into the effort ahead.

Zei gezunt:

Rabbi Craig Marantz

P.S. Many thanks to Rabbi Joseph Edelheit, who joined us online this last Kabbalat Shabbat - all the way from Rio de Janeiro! We’re delighted you could be with us, Rabbi. I’m grateful for your leadership of Emanuel back when. And our heartfelt gratitude for helping us mark our 140th anniversary.


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